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Ultimate Nachos

Tri-colored tortilla chips topped with queso blanco, black olives, jalapenos, and tomatoes served with fresh made pico de gallo and sour cream 8.99
Add chicken 2.99 Add beef barbacoa 3.99
Add chorizo 3.99 Add pork carnitas 3.99

Picnic Board

Chef’s selection of charcuterie, aged cheeses, fresh fruit and spreadables accompanied by country Italian crostini 9.99

Basket of Kettle Chips, Hand Cut Fries or Garlic Rosemary Tots

Hand Cut Fries or Tots with Sriracha Aioli and House Ranch 5.49

Kettle Chips with Mesquite Chip dip 5.49

Add Bacon and Cheddar cheese 1.99

Add Bison chili and Cheddar cheese 2.99


A grilled flour tortilla filled with Monterey cheddar jack cheese, fresh made pico de gallo, shredded lettuce, & black olives served with sour cream 8.99
Add chicken 2.99 Add beef barbacoa 3.99
Add chorizo 3.99 Add pork carnitas 3.99

Chicken Tenders

Five breaded tender strips served with your choice of dipping sauce 8.99

Ale Battered Onion Rings

Hand battered in a seasonal ale batter served with our own honey mustard sauce 6.99

Calamari Fritti

Lightly dusted calamari rings and tentacles finished with sautéed peppers, banana peppers,  tomatoes, shredded parmesan and sides of lemon basil aioli and our house marinara 11.99

Bavarian Pretzels

Four oven baked Bavarian pretzels served with stadium mustard or queso blanco 7.99

Sweet Potato Fries

Basket of sweet potato fries served with Thai chili aioli 5.99

Santa Fe Rolls

Mesquite chicken, spinach, black beans, corn, red bell peppers and pepper jack cheese wrapped in a crispy egg roll wrapper served with our chipotle ranch for dipping 7.99

Appetizer Platter

Three Ribs, three mozzarella triangles, three tenders and potato twisters served with marinara and honey mustard 14.99

Mussels Double Thyme

Mussels sautéed in a broth of our Rivals Double IPA, thyme, butter, lemon, garlic roasted red peppers and scallions. Served with garlic bread 12.99

Truffle Fries

Truffle oil infused butter tossed with hot hand cut fries, topped with parmesan and parsley served with our roasted garlic aioli dipping sauce 5.99

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Topped with shredded parmesan and roasted red peppers served with fried pita points 8.99

Crab Cake

House-made lump crab cake baked in the oven, served atop Arcadian lettuce finished with roasted red pepper aioli, green onion and fresh lemon 8.99

Potato Twister

A plate of battered, twisted potato skins topped with Cheddar cheese, hickory smoked bacon, scallions, tomatoes, and ranch dressing 6.99

Mozzerella Moons

Four large breaded wedges of mozzarella fried and served with house marinara 6.99

Stone-baked Flatbreads

Old World Meat

Grilled flatbread topped with house marinara, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, and salami 12.99


Grilled flatbread brushed with garlic butter topped with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and fresh basil served with our house marinara 11.99

Gran Fiesta

Flatbread topped with queso sauce, chorizo sausage, red and green bell peppers, pico de gallo, cheader and monterey jack cheeses with a sour cream drizzle 12.99

Shrimp Scampi

Flatbread topped with garlic butter, Old-Bay sautéed shrimp, mozzarella, roasted tomatoes lemon and parsley 13.99

Cheese Steak

Brushed with queso blanco, sautéed onions, mushrooms, peppers, thin sliced sirloin, & mozzarella 13.99

Buffalo Chicken

Grilled flatbread topped with hot sauce, fire grilled chicken, bacon, tomatoes, scallions, and Monterey cheddar jack cheese finished with ranch dressing 10.99


Base flatbread 7.99 Add toppings for 50 ¢ each

Crafted Salads and Soups

Soup of the Day

A 16oz. cup of our freshly made soup of the day 4.49

Bison Chili

A crock of house made bison and black bean chili finished with Monterey cheddar jack cheese, sour cream, and fresh scallions 6.99


Torn romaine lettuce, balsamic glazed chicken, crumbled bleu cheese, smoked bacon, red onion, sundried tomatoes, candied pecans, and pretzel croutons served with choice of dressing 12.99

Steak House Salad

Fresh spinach with fire-grilled sirloin steak, bacon, roasted red peppers, red onion, artichokes, crumbled feta, and pretzel croutons tossed with sweet Vidalia onion dressing 12.99

House Salad

Baby iceberg lettuce, mozzarella, tomatoes, pepperoni, and cucumbers 6.99


House Dressings: Ranch, Honey Mustard, White Wine Vinaigrette, Sesame Ginger

Other Salad Dressing Offerings: Bleu Cheese, Poppy Seed, Italian, French, Caesar, Sweet Vidalia Onion, Oil & Vinegar, Greek Feta Vinaigrette, Thousand Island, Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette, Sesame Ginger

Cobb Salad

Baby iceberg lettuce, fire-grilled chicken, chopped egg, Hickory-smoked bacon, tomatoes, and crumbled bleu cheese served with your choice of dressing 10.99

Caesar’s Rival Salad

Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, tomatoes, Hickory-smoked bacon, and Caesar dressing 8.99

Fajita Salad

Romaine lettuce, mesquite grilled chicken, Monterey cheddar jack cheese, tomatoes, bell peppers, red onion, jalapenos, black olives, and tortilla strips served with Texas ranch dressing 10.99

Chef Salad

Baby iceberg lettuce, turkey, ham, Swiss and, cheddar cheeses, tomato, and chopped egg served with choice of dressing 9.99

Insalata Caprese

Sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, thinly sliced red onions flanked by country Italian crostini drizzled with our white wine vinaigrette and special blend of herbs 9.99

Flying Fish

Seared five-spiced ruby red tuna cooked rare atop Arcadian lettuce mix with toasted almonds, avocado, tomatoes, red onion and chopped egg served with wasabi ranch 14.99

Add to any salad: Steak for 5.99 – Chicken for 4.99 – Shrimp for 6.99 – Salmon for 7.99 – Tuna for 7.99


Traditional Fried Chicken Wings

Our herb-roasted wings, deep-fried and tossed in one of our signature glazes or rubs

50 – 48.99
10 – 9.99
5 – 5.99

Your choice of bleu cheese or ranch dressing and celery is included. Extra sides for 99¢ Upcharge for all flats or drumettes: 5 is 50¢ 10 is $1, 50 is $5

Boneless Wings

Chicken tenderloin chunks, breaded and deep-fried tossed in one of our signature glazes or rubs

50 – 42.99
10 – 9.79
5 – 5.99

Your choice of bleu cheese or ranch dressing and celery is included. Extra sides for 99¢

Order our Famous Wings for your next party! Discounts available for large orders, 2 day notice preferred

Choose any of our 29 glazes or rubs Up to 2 flavors for 10 wings, 5 for 50 wings!

Glazes (from hottest to mildest)

Unrivaled Heat
Louisiana Hot
Hot Garlic
Hot Teriyaki
Wet Caribbean
Sweet Heat
Wet Cajun
Chipotle BBQ
Thai Chili
Smoked Bourbon BBQ
General Tso’s
Honey BBQ
Raspberry BBQ
Garlic Parmesan
Sesame Teriyaki
Texas Ranch
Honey Mustard

Dry Rubs
Dry Sriracha
Cajun Dry Rub
Caribbean Jerk
Jamaican Jerk
Seven Pepper Rub
Garlic Seven Pepper
Lemon Pepper

Chef’s Entrees and Steaks

North Coast Strip Steak

Our ten ounce center-cut strip loin steak fire-grilled, topped with truffle oil infused butter and crispy fried onions served with Chef’s vegetable and potato of the day 19.99

Rivals “R” Steak

An eight ounce fire-grilled sirloin steak finished with garlic butter and an ale battered onion ring, served with chef’s vegetable and potato of the day 13.99

Mac & Cheese

House made five cheese sauce tossed with cavatappi pasta, bacon, tomatoes, and green onions  9.99
Add Buffalo style: Hot sauce and ghost pepper jack cheese 2.00
Add: Cajun chicken 3.00, Shrimp 6.00

The Clevelander

An eight ounce fire-grilled sirloin steak smothered with sautéed mushrooms, onion, and garlic served with Chef’s vegetable and potato of the day 13.99

Home Run Ribeye

A sixteen ounce bone-in ribeye cowboy steak rubbed with seasoning and sauce, fire-grilled, finished with sautéed onions and roasted red peppers served withChef’s vegetable and potato of the day 22.99

Lake Erie Monster

Lightly hand-breaded Lake Erie perch served with hush puppies, hand-cut fries, freshly made coleslaw, and tartar sauce 14.99

BBQ Chicken Dinner

Two fire-grilled chicken breasts finished with our signature smoked bourbon bbq sauce served with hand cut fries, and freshly made coleslaw 13.99

BBQ ST. Louis Ribs

Slow-cooked then fire-grilled St Louis style ribs with our signature smoked bourbon bbq sauce served with hand cut fries and freshly made coleslaw
Half Slab 14.99 Full Slab 21.99

Rajun Cajun

Fire-grilled Cajun rubbed seared salmon atop rice pilaf finish with our made-to-order Cajun cream sauce, tomatoes and scallions, served with chef’s vegetable 15.99

Caribbean Tuna

Jerk spice rubbed Ruby Red Tuna steak grilled and topped with mango chutney and pickled red onions served on rice pilaf with Chef’s vegetable 15.99

Shrimp Sriracha

Sriracha and garlic butter sautéed shrimp and bell peppers atop our rice pilaf served with Chef’s vegetable 15.99

Parma Pierogis

Six locally made potato and chesse pierogis topped with sautéed onions, served with Chef’s vegetable and sour cream 10.99


Hand Cut Fries • Fresh Made Coleslaw • Sautéed Corn 1.99

Ale Battered Onion Rings • Sweet Potato Fries • Side Salad 2.49

Chef’s vegetable • Mac & Cheese • Kettle Chips • Rice Pilaf • Garlic Rosemary Tater Tots • Daily Potato 2.99

Caesar Salad • Three Sautéed Pierogis 4.99

(Consuming raw or undercooked food can increase your chances of acquiring a foodborne illness)

Our Signature Burgers

Build Your Own Burger or Chicken Sandwich

Choose from 1/2 pound Steak Burger, Grilled or Crispy Chicken Breast 9.99
All burgers are served on a brioche bun with hand-cut fries substitute our Kettle Chips or Ale-batteres Onion Rings for .99

Upon request: Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Pickles

Additional Toppings 50¢ ea.

Mozzarella • Swiss • American • Cheddar • Bleu Cheese • Ghost Pepper jack • Colby Jack • Rivals’s Brew Onions • Truffle Infused Butter• Bacon •  Sautéed Mushrooms or Onions • Bacon Pickled Red Onions • Sriracha Mayo • Chorizo • Roasted Red Peppers • Ham • Pepperoni • Fried Egg • Jalapeños • Coleslaw • Salami • Bison Chili • Marinated Portabella Mushrooms • Avocado • Guacamole • Pico de Gallo • House Marinara • Queso Blanco • Roasted Garlic Aioli • Insane Mayo • Banana Peppers

Ask about our Double Assassin challenge!

Assassin 51

Two half pound burgers, Swiss, American, bacon, onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato, & ale-battered onion rings 15.99 Double Assassin 25.99

Bison Burger

Fire grilled bison burger with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onion 12.99

Turkey Burger

Fresh ground turkey patty with your choice of lettuce, tomato, onion and/or pickles 8.99

Rival’s Special

Two ale-battered onion rings, fried egg, coleslaw, jalapeños, Swiss, and American cheeses top this signature burger 11.99

Train Wreck

Mini burgers on toasted country Italian bread topped with ham, pepperoni, mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, Italian dressing, and parmesan aioli 10.99

Veggie Burger

Garden burger topped with your choice of lettuce, tomato, onion and/or pickles 8.99

King James

Topped with Hickory-smoked bacon, our signature smoked bourbon barbeque sauce, cheddar cheese, fried egg, and crispy onion stack 11.99

Brew Burger

Smothered in sautéed mushrooms, Rival’s Brew Glazed onions, Cheddar cheese and our bistro sauce 12.99


Cajun grilled steak burger topped with fried egg, fried jalapeños, chorizo sausage, pepperoncini,  banana peppers, insane mayo, ghost pepper jack, tomato and red onion 12.99

Sandwiches and Wraps

All sandwiches are available as wraps and are served with hand-cut fries, substitute our kettle chips or ale-battered onion rings for 99¢

Greek Gyro

Authentic, slow roasted gyro meat, tomatoes, onion, and traditional tzatziki sauce in a warm pita 8.99

Italian Club

Served hot or cold on a toasted country Italian bread filled with turkey, ham, salami, bacon, spinach, tomato, red onion, and roasted garlic mayo 10.99

The Real Reuben

Grilled, locally-baked marble rye piled high with our house-made corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing 10.99


Toasted country Italian bread filled with smoked bacon, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, fried egg, and Dijon mayo 9.99

California Wrap

A jalapeno cheddar flour tortilla filled with warm turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, tomatoes, and Arcadian lettuce mix 9.99

Prime Time

Warm pita bread filled with prime rib, sautéed mushrooms, scallions, Swiss cheese, and horseradish ranch dressing 10.99

Portabella Fusion

Fire-grilled chicken breast, marinated portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese 8.99

Philly Cheese Steak or Chicken

Your choice of ribeye or fire-grilled chicken breast, sautéed onions, peppers, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese on a toasted country Italian bread roll 8.99

Pulled Pork

Slow-roasted pulled pork in our signature smoked bourbon barbecue sauce on a toasted brioche roll topped with cheddar, coleslaw, fried egg, and onion straws 10.99

Veggie Wrap

A tomato basil flour tortilla filled with onions, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and Colby jack cheese 7.99

Hot Sauced

Cajun-grilled or fried chicken breast, tomato, lettuce, bacon, hot sauce, Monterey-cheddar jack cheeses and ranch dressing served on a toasted brioche bun 8.99

Grilled Open Tuna

Ruby Red Tuna steak served open-faced on grilled country Italian bread topped with spinach, red onions, tomatoes, chopped egg and lemon-basil aioli 10.99

Fried Bologna

Grilled bologna stacked on a brioche bun topped with our house-made bar pickles, tomatoes, Dijon mayo, scallions and mozzarella cheese 8.99


Ohio lake perch lightly breaded on a toasted brioche roll topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and lemon-basil aioli 10.99

Stadium Dogs

Two all-beef steamed hot dogs in buns 5.99
Add: onion, tomatoes, and Cheddar jack cheese 99¢
Add: Chili, Cheddar jack cheese, & scallions 2.99