Beer by the Bottle

Draft Beer Selections


Beer by the Bottle

Pale Lagers
Labatt Blue
Landshark Lager
Miller Genuine Draft
Miller High Life
Molson Canadian
Molson Golden
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Rolling Rock
Yuengling Lager

Light Pale Lagers
Bud Light
Bud Light Lime
Coors Light
Iron City Light
Labatt Blue Light
Labatt Blue Light Lime
Miller Lite
Yuengling Light

Low Calorie
Light Pale Lager

Michelob Ultra Light
Budweiser Select 55

Non–Alcoholic Pale Lager

Amstel Light
Corona Light
Negra Modelo
Spaten Lager
Stella Artois

Craft Beers
Blue Moon Belgian
   White Ale
Sam Adams Light
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Thirsty Dog 12 Dogs of    Christmas Ale

Malt Beverages
Mike´s Black Cherry
Mike´s Hard Lemonade
Smirnoff Ice
Twisted Tea


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